Dalus Capital Invests in Cultura Colectiva

  • Dalus Capital, a Mexican Venture Capital fund, closed the first investment of its second fund with Cultura Colectiva (culturacolectiva.com), a digital media company focused on creating high-quality content for Spanish-speaking millennials. Dalus invests in high-growth companies that are differentiated through innovation.

Mexico City, July 10th 2017 – Dalus Capital (daluscapital.com) announced today its investment in Cultura Colectiva (culturacolectiva.com), the leading platform for original, high-quality content that targets the millennial generation in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Captivating its audience with original articles, videos and infographics, Cultura Colectiva has reached more than 35 million monthly unique users on its page, positioning the company as the #2 digital media player in Mexico in terms of traffic in merely 3 years after its founding. Additionally, by amplifying the diffusion of its publications via social media, Cultura Colectiva has been able to reach more than one billion viewers per month and generate more than 700 million video plays per month, placing Cultura Colectiva within the top 25 sites worldwide for video plays.

With more than 150 million internet users within Cultura Colectiva’s target age-range in Latin America, and with only 6% of the 50 most-visited sites in Latin America targeting millennials, Cultura Colectiva possesses a strong opportunity to grow its audience and continue targeting the $3 billion dollar Hispanic digital publishing market.   

Founded by Jorge del Villar, Adolfo Cano and Luis Enríquez, Cultura Colectiva seeks to spread its content by utilizing data analysis to improve interaction, increase reach and generate new material, creating a virtuous cycle of creation, diffusion and analysis. While the majority of the content Cultura Colectiva generates is produced by its growing team of in-house journalists and creatives, it also has a base of more than 300 external collaborators worldwide.

Given its expertise in creating high-quality content, viralizing that content, and providing insightful data analysis, Cultura Colectiva offers brands the opportunity to influence the important millennial market segment – young adults between 18 and 35 years old – in a way that is both organic and engaging.  

“The advertising spend in media, especially print media, is shifting rapidly from traditional to digital, with an annual growth in digital publishing spend of 20% in Latin America. Cultura Colectiva is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity, thanks to its leadership in the millennial market, and its talented and visionary leadership team,” mentioned Diego Serebrisky, founding partner of Dalus Capital. Diego will join Cultura Colectiva’s Board of Directors following this investment.  

Dalus is executing an investment of $72.4 million Mexican Pesos ($4 million US Dollars), the first investment of its second fund, enabled by a CKD issued on the Mexican Stock Exchange and a parallel fund that aggregates other investors including several family offices. This fund seeks to invest in high-growth Mexican and Latin American companies that differentiate themselves through innovation. Dalus is seeking to invest in 15 companies with this second fund.

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