Celebrating Dalus’ new CKD with entrepreneurs

Today we have good news for Mexican entrepreneurs: there are an additional $50 million dollars available to invest in their projects as a result of the CKD (Growth Capital Certificates) we issued in the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores). Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of opportunities to create innovative businesses within the local market conditions and global trends.

Institutional investors, led by Pension Fund PensionISSSTE, have decided to invest in Dalus’ team’s capabilities to find and select the best Mexican entrepreneurs who, through innovation, are rapidly growing businesses in new and existing markets. We recognize and stress the importance of the entrepreneurs in this dynamic, given they are the main players in this ecosystem. As a fund, though we have a role in the ecosystem, we recognize that we only contribute with a small piece relative to entrepreneurs’ contribution.

As such, today we decided to invite some of the entrepreneurs who have allowed us to be part of their accomplishments – Adolfo Babatz (CEO and founder of Clip) and Vicente Fenoll (CEO and founder of Kubo Financiero) – to represent all Mexican entrepreneurs in celebrating the official launch of the CKD we issued recently.


Photo (left to right): Diego Serebrisky (Dalus), Vicente Fenoll (Kubo Financiero), Rogelio de los Santos (Dalus) y Adolfo Babatz (Clip).

One of the most interesting aspects of innovative companies such as these, besides the fact that they generate new qualified jobs for the country, is that they trigger economic development by creating entirely new industries.

As of the first week of October, Dalus’ focus will be centered on finding entrepreneurs with innovative businesses and high growth potential, with a product or service already released within a sizeable market. Target ventures should be looking to raise at least US$1 million from Dalus Capital with the objective to growth and/or consolidate its business.

As always, we will continue celebrating innovative entrepreneurship in Mexico.

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